Who's the Mama?

Congratulations – you have welcomed a beautiful little bundle of joy in to the world which, aside from being incredible in every way imaginable, means your heart is now well and truly on your sleeve! Whether you're a brand new mama, still staring intently at your newborn in all their peachy-skinned, button-nosed perfection, or you have an older child or children, this page is for you.

Having a baby is an emotional rollercoaster (of amazingness, fear, overwhelm, the purest love imaginable, exhaustion... I could go on - and rest assured we'll all feel differently so do mentally fill the rollercoaster with whatever resonates best for you!). For many I don't think the overwhelming emotions get any easier... we just get better at dealing with them, perhaps?

For me, there were several major aspects of welcoming my baby in to the world that I intensely disliked... so much so that I ended up in tears on too many occasions to mention and it really rained on my new mama parade... it actually rained so hard it poured (I think these were also my tears!). I passionately preach about these things now whenever I get the chance. Before I begin, you need only to know this: YOU’RE THE MAMA! Yep, you!

It starts before we've even left the hospital - everyone wants a piece of you and your new babe in arms. Maybe you felt pressured to

in our culture pass baby round

parents and in-laws want a piece - which is lovely and pressure...

........... blah blah blah...........

You got this! Be assertive as to what is and isn’t comfortable for you and your baby. No one has the right to pressure you in to anything you feel uncomfortable with, be them well-meaning or otherwise. Listen to that inner voice inside of you: for some of us this voice will roar and you'll be biting your tongue to hold it back for fear of giving the recipient a severe tongue-lashing; for others, the voice will meekly whisper that it doesn't quite feel comfortable but you may try to brush it off as being 'silly' or 'irrational'... let me tell you now - that little voice is nature, it is instinct, it is mum power all rolled in to one and guiding you to be the best mama you can be. You do not need to let anyone hold your baby. You do not need to see people early on if you are not ready. You do not need to take your baby anywhere that you don't feel 100% comfortable. You do not need to listen to advice or opinions on ANYTHING to do with the way you parent your child.

I'm proud. I know what I'm doing. As soon as you stop listening, or hearing, BS from others about what you should and shouldn't be doing - you'll come in to your own! Don't doubt yourself. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying. You're the mama! Only you. You are the gatekeeper, the protector.

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